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What is the 

Sozo Student Center?

What is the Sozo Student Center?  What is a “Squatch”? What does it mean??!!  Here is the short answer: 

Sozo is is a place for hanging out as well as learning.  Our tagline is “Relationships, Resources, Recreation.”  Our main focus is on high school and middle school age students, and there will be a constant stream of activity and opportunity aimed at this age group.  

Squatch’s is a gourmet ice cream sandwich shop and coffee shop.  The coolest thing about Squatch’s is that it completely supports Sozo and you will find it right next door.  The second coolest thing?  Definitely our Sasquatch mascot.  Why a Sasquatch?  Because as you order your ice cream sandwich, you pick the cookie flavor… you pick the ice cream flavor… then we “squatch” it.

When you come into Squatch’s we will do our best to make you a perfect and delicious ice cream sandwich or coffee beverage.  We will strive to serve you with a smile and show you our appreciation for choosing to visit us.  Every penny of what we make at Squatch’s will go into helping keep the Sozo Student Center up and running, and for that, we owe you our best product and genuine thanks.

For the students hanging out on the Sozo side of the building, we just want you guys to have a place that is your own.  We want you to be able to hang out, or come see a local band, or play a game of pool, or whatever.  We want to provide you with resources that can give you a boost to help you get you where you want to go in life.  We will be around... cleaning up... asking how your day was… trying to learn your names… trying to beat you in a game of pool... We care about you guys, and Sozo is for you.  Always know that you are important and you have a purpose.


The Sozo Student Center began as a “what if.”  A wandering day dream that turned into a conversation.  Then a conversation that turned into an actual plan.  If we were honest, the practical sides of our brains reminded us often that Sozo would never actually happen and that all our planning and dreaming would eventually end in disappointment.    Fortunately for us, there is a stronger force at work.  Where our own abilities would have failed long ago, we have learned to trust the One who gave us that, “what if” in the first place.   Sozo belongs to Him.  Yes, we are a faith based non-profit.  Yes, we love Jesus.  Our prayer is that we would continually get out of the way and let God use this place to show His love to every person who walks through the doors.

The “we” in this story is the board of our non-profit and our amazing volunteers.  We have had quite the journey to get here, so make sure to ask us about it any time!

See you inside!


1451 Southwest Blvd. Suite 110

Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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